Parents always tell you to enjoy your youth and not be in a rush to grow up. What they didn’t tell you that once you hit 30, life becomes infinitely better!

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We’ve listed 10 reasons why you’ll enjoy your 30s more than your 20’s.


1. No more roommates

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2. You realize that saying at home isn’t just for “losers”

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3. You start to develop a serious wine addiction

A B & C! Happy Friday Friends!

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4. You ideally have more money

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5. You have more confidence

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6. You can criticize “the youth” with confidence now

Our #youth today. It's a shame. Even if u regulate it at home, they still go out and spend hours online.

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7. Nostalgia becomes an important part of your life

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8. You go on more vacations and they’re way better

What do Juneau about the Last Frontier? 🏔️ #Alaska #CruiseNorwegian 📷: @obkanobi1

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9. You’re less over dramatic


10. Your house looks like a Pinterest board


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