Less than five years ago, hundreds of thousands of students flooded downtown Montreal to protest tuition prices. Quebec is now been recognized as a global leader in education.

An annual study by higher education analysts QS Quacquarelli Symonds ranks Montreal as the best city in the world for students even though last year it was ranked seventh.

After winning four times in a row, Paris dropped to second, while London, Seoul, and Melbourne rounded out the top five.

As we wrote before, Montreal is ranked as the best city for students in the world because it’s desirable, affordable, and has a positive perception among students. Events like Brexit and the election of US President Donald Trump may have given Canada an extra boost.

“A lot of people want to study in London, but those who have studied in London don’t necessarily have as positive an experience as they do in other places,” said Ben Sowter, head of research for QS.

“It seems likely that smaller, friendlier places are a little more popular in the student view context than bigger, more cosmopolitan places that are more popular in the desirability context.”

Vancouver scored high as a recruiting ground among graduate employers, while Toronto was the top-ranked city in the world for ‘Desirability’, which accounts for pollution, safety, and corruption. It also considers a student survey that asked over 18,000 respondents to identify their ‘dream student city’.


The 25 best cities for students

  1. Montreal
    2. Paris
    3. London
    4. Seoul
    5. Melbourne
    6. Berlin
    7. Tokyo
    8. Boston
    9. Munich
    10. Vancouver
    11. Hong Kong and Toronto
    13. Sydney
    14. Singapore
    15. Zurich
    16. Vienna
    17. Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe
    18. Edinburgh
    19. New York
    20. Brisbane
    21. Taipei
    22. Canberra
    23. Barcelona
    24. Manchester
    25. Shanghai


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