A chicken-catching service in the B.C.’s Fraser Valley is under investigations from the B.C. SPCA because of an undercover video.

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A video shot by Mercy For Animals (a non-profit animal group) is described as “absolutely sickening” as it shows workers throwing and hitting the birds, allowing some birds to die on the ground slowly, and simulating sexual acts with the birds towards other coworkers.

“[It’s] some of the worst — and I don’t say that lightly this time — animal cruelty and abuse that I’ve seen in some time,” said B.C. SPCA spokesperson Marcie Moriarty.

The workers were hired to round up the chickens for transportation to Port Coquitlam slaughtering plant which is owned by Lilydate (a poultry company and subsidiary of Sofina Foods Inc).

“The video was disturbing for what it portrayed in the actions of the individuals involved, but also the inaction that is seen on the part of individuals who were there … but did nothing to stop them,” said Moriarty.



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