Exams are coming up and chances are, you’re not ready. So here are some tips to manage your time and get everything you need to be done before the dreadful day of doom.


1) Use a digital calendar (Google Calendar/iCalendar)

We are at arm’s length of our phones 24 hours/day. If there’s one guaranteed time management tool, it’s your phone. Keep a calendar that’s connected to your e-mail account, with Gmail, Google Calendar will send you an email 30 minutes before an event, and a push notification 5 minutes before an event.

Having the app on your phone isn’t enough, use the calendar widget to make your calendar take up an entire page of your phone. Lastly, make the calendar page, your phone’s home page, so as soon as you open it, you see what your plans are for the day.


2) Schedule time to schedule your time every week (Sunday/Monday)

Just like every other good habit, the key to time management is routine. Make a habit of scheduling your week every week at the same time. Sunday evenings or Monday mornings tend to be the best time. Also, the last week of your month, schedule any/all events coming up the following month.


3) Schedule everything you DON’T want to do (Appointments/Chores)

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Everyone makes time for the things they enjoy in life. But most people never schedule time for the things that they don’t like to do. By scheduling time to do the things that make you unhappy, stressed or annoyed, you eliminate the stress of having to do them later. Often these things are appointments, chores, homework or other things that you may deem as a poor use of your time, and pressured to do by someone else (parents, family, teachers).


4) Schedule time for yourself, your loved ones and your passions

Along with the things you don’t enjoy it’s crucial to make time for the things you love most. Whether it’s writing music, playing sports, or watching Netflix, make sure to make time for your passions. This will minimize your stress and bring overall happiness into your life.

Along with your passions, you have to make time for the important people in your life. How many times have you made plans with a friend or family member, just to have them flop on you? By scheduling these get-togethers in advance, it makes you a more reliable and better friend. Even if it’s just 15 minutes out of your day to give your parent’s a call, make the time, if they were gone tomorrow the one thing you will regret is not making time for these important people in your life.

Lastly, make time in your week for yourself, now this might seem similar to making time for your passions but making time for yourself is vastly different. By giving yourself time to be completely alone with your thoughts once a day or a few times a week, it gives you time to reflect, explore your thoughts and be introspective. This can manifest in many ways, whether it’s keeping a journal, meditating, working out or doing yoga, make time in your day to work on YOU.


5) Set monthly goals

After scheduling your events for the month, give yourself 4 goals. The reason for setting these goals on a monthly basis is to give yourself a reasonable time to achieve them, and ability to reassess them on a regular basis.


6) Schedule your income and spending

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Whether you have a full-time, salaried job, or working part time, most of us get paid either 1 or 2 times per month, on the same day. While budgeting itself is a whole other skill to learn, which we covered in an article earlier this month, scheduling your spending along with your time is crucial to effective time and stress management.

Schedule your budget after scheduling your month. The reason being is that every time you go to class, go to an appointment, go on a date, a party or out to the bar, there is always a cost involved. Many people are often paid on Thursdays or Fridays and promptly blow half or all of our paychecks on the weekend leaving us stressed and struggling by Monday morning. You can avoid this problem altogether by allocating time and money for specific events in advance.


7) Set your phone’s time 10 minutes ahead

This is a simple tip that makes the world of difference. If you’re someone who often finds themselves 5 or 10 minutes late on a regular basis, or been fired for being so, this will make a world of difference. The reason for this is simple, once you set your phone’s clock 10 minutes ahead, in most cases, you’ll forget. So you’ll always be slightly early, or on time.


8) Make yourself accountable to your friends

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One of the most practical ways of making sure to implement these time mastery secrets is to share them with your friends and family. By including them in your weekly and monthly time management process, you make yourself accountable to each other, and therefore less likely to break to habit.


There you go, now get out there and ace those finals!


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