Often when I meet with business owners in the student target market, I get the same question over and over. How do I get students to come to my business? Every business is different, but here are my top 6 tactics guaranteed to bring more students into your coffee shop, restaurant, pub, bar, etc.!

1) Free WiFi AND Chargers

Just offering free WiFi is NOT enough. Before giving out your WiFi password, ask for an Instagram/Facebook post with your hashtag and location targeting. Then offer free use of Android/Iphone chargers with a purchase. Make sure you have a sign out front so people see it when they walk by.

2) Free Coffee in snow/rain

Does it rain or snow often in your city? Offer a free coffee any day that it does to bring in people walking by. People will always look for a safe haven from bad weather, that’s where you come in. Once they finish their coffee, ask for a Facebook/Google review in exchange.

3) Student Promotions

When do students need coffee most? 8 AM classes, midterm season and final exam season. Create specials and promotions based on the student school schedule to help students when they need it most.

4) Sensory Overload

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If you have TVs in your business, play videos of food being made and eaten. You’ll also want to make your business smell delicious. The easiest way is to get an essential oil diffuser and add coffee, fruit or other delicious scents to entice the senses. You can get both the diffuser and oils on Amazon.

5) Community Wall

Cover a wall in your business with photos of customers from previous visits. This will make them feel more at home when they return and boost the chances of their friends to stay when seeing a familiar face. This helps create culture and nostalgia which build customer loyalty over time.

6) Student Events

Give students a reason to come by during off hours open mics, Netflix & chill nights, date nights, yoga classes, dance classes, paint classes all bring in students.


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