Many in Toronto and across all of Ontario have been asking the province to increase the minimum wage to $15.

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As the Toronto Star reports, the provincial government is now considering making the changes to its employment laws.

The Liberal cabinet is examining a report called the “Changing Workplaces Review” and upping the minimum wage to $15. They are also reviewing reforms that include mandatory paid sick days, vulnerable workers, better protection for low-paid jobs and an increase in paid vacation time.

These reforms could help the private sector employees join a union. This will target employers who essentially rely on contact workers to fulfill full-time positions.

“Too many companies now disguise regular employees as independent contractors or part-timers to avoid paying them full wages and benefits, writes Martin Regg Cohn.

According to CBC, the Changing Workplaces report will be made public after the long weekend and the Liberals should announce their proposed changes afterward.

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