Thinking about changing your phone plan in the near future? You may want to wait a few months because soon it’ll be a lot easier to switch between providers.

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The CRTC recently ruled that starting on December 1st, all customers will be able to have their phone unlocked for free. On top of that, all phones will come unlocked making your life that much easier.

Before this change, phone companies would charge between $30 and $50 to unlock your phone before you could use it with another service provider. Last year, Canadian telecom companies made around $37.7 million through unlocking fees.

“Essentially a locked phone did keep consumers tethered to their service provider,” because they faced paying a fee to flee, said Behar.

“Now there’s going to be so much more flexibility in being able to jump from plan to plan, from carrier to carrier. That will likely spark more competition.”


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